Get to Know the Facts of the Controversial Iris Colour Surgery

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One of the latest news that astounded readers worldwide is the discovery of a technology that can change people’s eye colour. It seems that the song, “turning your brown eyes blue” is literally becoming a possibility. The so called Stroma device developed by a California based Stroma Medical Company is said to have leveled-up the laser technology normally used in corrective procedures for human eyes.

Now, people can have that blue eyes associated with Hollywood icons like Paul Newman or Elizabeth Taylor. This is no easy feat however. The controversy surrounding this procedure is polarizing even the medical profession.

Natural or Artificial Eye Colors

While Stroma founder, Dr. Gregg Homer, PhD, a biologist claims that his invention is set to change people’s lives forever, and asserted that the procedures are safe, critics are saying otherwise. The procedure requires the use of laser that will be used to change the colour of the eyes. One thing is certain, the results are irreversible. Its long-term effects are, however, still unconfirmed.

With the stringent requirements in the UK and US before any product is introduced in the market, this technology is expected to be out by 2015, and 18 months after, exported to other continents like South America, Middle  East and Asia. In the UK alone, around 300 inquiries had been received denoting the public’s interest in the image enhancing procedure.

Critics are voicing caution and opposition. Some are saying that the radical procedure should not be used solely on the ground of aesthetics. To this, the Stroma founder rejoined that the procedure is similar to corrective eye surgery in using laser. One American optometrist from the Ultralase laser vision eye correction services argued that the two are different.

Dr. Mark Korolkiewicz of Ultralase explained that in corrective eye surgery, the lasers are only applied at the cornea, or surface of the eye while in the Stroma technique, the laser is used inside the eye, and thus it has the potential to cause more damage.

Meantime, Dr. Homer gave a response to this issue that they only work on the pigmentation, one that causes the eye to look grey, brown or blue. The strongest reactions are those that question the ethical practice of altering what is naturally endowed to a human being into something which a person is not born with.

Whatever the truth is, the public deserves the right to a better technology and not something that will cause lifetime damage like loss of eyesight.


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